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Buttercup Story

Itchy skin, constant breakouts along with pain my oldest son endured while having eczema broke my heart. What products do I use? Are they Safe? Sure there's a long list of lotions and medicated ointments available however, most products contain chemicals, parabens and unwanted steroids that may cause more harm than good. "There has to be a healthier way," I said to myself. After extensive research on natural remedies I finally whipped up the perfect alternative that's all natural and mother approved.​


Since my son incorporated my all natural whipped body butters into his daily routine, his eczema went from dry and irritated to smooth, soft supple skin. I was so ecstatic I created such a wonderful product couldn't keep the creation to myself. I remember saying "I must share this with the world." Buttercup Essentials was created to produce all natural body care products to offer healthier skincare options. The purple heart presented on each Buttercup container indicates each product is carefully handmade from simple ingredients and created with 100% love. Whether you are seeking relief from a mild to moderate skin condition or looking to maintain beautiful radiant skin, Buttercup Essentials has you covered. Treat your skin don't mistreat your skin. 

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